It's about your life not your money

Lowson & Company are the first and only firm of Independent Chartered Financial Planners in Lancaster and can help you:

If you're saving for your retirement or other future financial needs.
If you're close to retirement and need advice on taking the benifits from your pensions.
If you have a lump sum of money and want advice on investing.
If you already have a portfolio of investments and would like a new adviser.
If you need help in planning for inheritance tax.

What makes us different?

Our philosophy is that The purpose of money must follow the purpose of life, not the other way around. We are a small, friendly team, who always have our clients best interests at heart and strive to provide everyone with a relaxed and professional service.

Jon Lowson

Chartered Financial Planner

Jon is the founder of the Company, and is a Chartered Financial Planner with an extensive knowledge of the Financial Services Industry.

Duncan Hall

Independent Financial Adviser

Duncan is the level 4 diploma qualified Independent Financial Adviser within the company who has over thirty years’ experience within the Financial Services Industry.

Sheena Bateman

Practice Manager

Sheena has worked in the Financial Services Industry for over 7 years and has been with the Company since it’s inception. She works closely with Jon & Duncan to process new business and help clients with any queries they have.

We treat customers fairly…

Treating customers fairly (TCF) is central to the delivery of The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) retail regulatory agenda, which aims to ensure an efficient and effective market and thereby help consumers achieve a fair deal. We understand the importance of ensuring that our business practices have a positive impact on consumers which is why we offer a service built on integrity, quality and an understanding that both our clients & employees are essential to our business.